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high quality products for your pets, made in Scandinavia

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We are aiming to create the lifestyle and co-living spaces for humans, pets and plants. Focusing on their wellness, health, and sustainability.

We simply love what they love.

B-space dog shelter
R-space dog shelter
W-table dog bowls
Ä-carrier pet carrying bag

Where our brand forms

Finnish Lapland, the last wilderness in Europe, is where our brand starts from. As the finest birch woods for our wooden products are harvested from there, we deliver its beauty of timeless nature to us to form harmony of living in nature.

Sustainability and Scandinavian design is our strong belief and root, which we bring into our brand for pets, human and plants.

Reindeers in Lapland
A cat taking nap

Comfort: relaxing mood makes moments

Let your dogs and cats have their own space so that they can completely relax and rest independently. We believe they deserve better products and experience.

A dog standing in golden grassfield

Beautiful products for your furry friends

We are committed to bring beautiful products to the customers and their furry friends who demand for greater quality products and meaningful differentiation of the brand which is not only to create luxurious, comfortable products but also for you and your home and interior.

The B-space


Designed with extensive comfort through the authentic materials and technologies with enthusiasm for dogs and cats.

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We not only create luxurious, comfortable products for dogs and cats but also for you and your home interior.

CNC machine carving wood

Advanced technologies – Built better

Persistent focus on authentic, recycled materials and obsession with the Scandinavian craftmanship have made our products seamless, pure and simple yet standing out from others. That's how we bring better experiences with higher quality products.

A girl with a dog in a valley

View – From their perspective

We approach their desires and happiness just like the way we do for ourselves. Our learnings and understandings are further polished with our constant efforts to push the boundaries – hence better products for our customers who care their buddy's wellness the most.

The R-space

The R-space

A space where our furry friends could completely relax and feel safe. Designed through meticulous material selection and thoughtful touches. We build next level products and brand to be loved by them.

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Aalto stool

Partnership with prestigious brands

Our products are made in Finland and co-created with our skillful partners who have acquired prestige in Scandinavia. They allow us to produce our products in steady quality and enhanced durability.

Birch texture

Crafted with enthusiasm

We constantly push the boundaries of aesthetics, technologies and functional properties of products.

The high and consistent quality is absolutely in crucial role. We take the quality of the pride. Consistently high quality will require, above all, carefully considered and consistent choices. Quality is the outcome of high-quality ingredients and precise manufacturing process monitoring. The final quality is, however, in hands of skilled and ambitious people.

— our crafting partners

Birch surface