B-space pet shelter placed with plants


A cat taking nap

Give your buddies extra space. Designed with extensive comfort through the authentic materials and technologies with enthusiasm for dogs and cats.

Assembly image of B-space shelter

We not only create luxurious, comfortable products for dogs and cats but also for you and your home interior.

Perspective image of B-space shelter
Aalto stool

Partnership with prestigious brands

Our products are made in Finland and co-created with our skillful partners who have acquired prestige in Scandinavia. They allow us to produce our products in steady quality and enhanced durability.

Robot arm

Advanced Partnership for perfection

Our products are carefully monitored from the very beginning to the final touch before shipping to the market. Our beautiful design can be achieved only with close collaboration between designers and engineers in the globe.

Divina felt

Divina MD

Divina MD is an upholstery textile designed by Finn Skodt. Available in sophisticated, rich colours, which reveal hidden depths as the perspective of the viewer changes, it makes a strong colour statement. In addition, thanks to its smooth, directionless and consistent surface, it complements the shape of furniture very well and is ideal for organically shaped furniture.

Suitable for soft seating for both contract and private use, material-dyed Divina MD is soft, comfortable and durable. A heavily milled textile, it is manufactured by weaving yarn in a plain weave and then shrinking it in a mechanical process, which uses high temperatures. This method gives it an attractive felt-like look, which is similar to Divina and Divina Melange, the other fabrics in the Divina ‘family’.

Divina MD's full-bodied and subtle structure is ideal for bringing an extensive range of tones to life. Its colourways, which are all crafted from a blend of different tones, appear unicoloured from a distance, but reveal different colour nuances under closer examination.

Breathable Design

Our friends are much more susceptible to the indoor temperature. B-space enables the inner temperature to be even to provide much more airy room.

Falling leaves

Sustainable Nordic Design

We perseveringly focus on authentic and natural materials. We also carefully and thoughtfully choose our recycled materials to be the most sustainable.

Combined with Scandinavian craftmanship, these precious resources are transformed into seamless, durable and honest products, yet standing out from others with more value and better experience.

B-space shelter top view