Give your buddies extra space. Designed with extensive comfort through the authentic materials and technologies with enthusiasm for dogs and cats.

We not only create luxurious, comfortable products for dogs and cats but also for you and your home interior.

Partnership with prestigious brands

Our products are made in Finland and co-created with our skillful partners who have acquired prestige in Scandinavia. They allow us to produce our products in steady quality and enhanced durability.

Advanced Partnership for perfection

Our products are carefully monitored from the very beginning to the final touch before shipping to the market. Our beautiful design can be achieved only with close collaboration between designers and engineers in the globe.


Sustainable nordic design

We perseveringly focus on authentic and natural materials. We also carefully and thoughtfully choose our recycled materials to be the most sustainable.

Combined with Scandinavian craftsmanship, these precious resources are transformed into seamless, durable and honest products, yet standing out from others with more value and better experience.

Detachable Roof


Give your buddy and yourself an ultimate choice.
With detachable roof, it provides natural transformation
between open couch and private space. It brings more
options to your interior design.