Co-living space in harmony with timeless beauty of Scandinavian nature-inspired design.

A space where our furry friends could completely relax and feel safe. Designed through meticulous material selection and thoughtful touches.

Why felt

Felt is comfortable, as it is soft and breathable. Thanks to its insulating properties and ability to absorb moisture, felt is suitable for both cold and hot climates.

Hard wearing
Felt is capable of withstanding a high degree of wear and has very little tendency to crease. Felt ages with grace, due to its excellent abrasion resistance and high elasticity.

Comfort: temperature control

Felt allows air to flow naturally, keeping the space breathable. It provides extra comfort for your furry friends. Besides, it brings more aesthetic aspects on your interior with warm look and feel.

Why felt: noise absortion

As much as our friends detect sound very well, they can become stressed by indoor and outdoor noises. Felt is the solution to effectively absorb noises, which also structures the shelter itself.

Detachable Roof


Give your buddy and yourself an ultimate choice.
With detachable roof, it provides natural transformation
between open couch and private space. It brings more
options to your interior design.