Your furry friends deserve their own kitchen table, just as we do. Combination of Terrazo stone and birch wood provide a new way of having food for them.

Dine Your Friend

With the best experience

Our eating experience only completes when everything is setup perfectly on our table. That applies the same to our little friends. With our table, their everyday joy becomes infinitely better.

Advanced technologies
– Built better

Persistent focus on authentic, recycled materials and obsession with the Scandinavian craftmanship have made our products seamless, pure and simple yet standing out from others. That's how we bring better experiences with higher quality products.

View from their perspective

We approach their desires and happiness just like the way we do for ourselves. Our learnings and understandings are further polished with our constant efforts to push the boundaries – hence better products for our customers who care their buddy's wellness the most.

Aesthetic and Technology

Crafted with enthusiasm

We constantly push the boundaries of aesthetics, technologies and functional properties of products.

"The high and consistent quality is absolutely in crucial role. We take the quality of the pride. Consistently high quality will require, above all, carefully considered and consistent choices. Quality is the outcome of high-quality ingredients and precise manufacturing process monitoring. The final quality is, however, in hands of skilled and ambitious people."

— our crafting partners